If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol or other drugs, you don't have to face it alone. We can help.

U-Turn is a provincial non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people in finding and sustaining their path to recovery from addiction. Whether you’re seeking information, resources or continuing support for your recovery, we’re here to help you or your loved one every step of the way.



“Great group of people who will support you, and love you for who you are! Everyone needs to stop in at LEAST once!” — Hannah
“Thank God for U-Turn and the awesome people there, which helped me get my life back. I reached out and they were always there for me … I am now almost six years sober and drug-free!” — Alex
“Once I started at U-Turn, I knew I wasn’t alone. I am thankful for the U-Turn family for taking me in. “It works, if you work it!” — Justin
“Thank you for creating U-Turn. I’m doing good with staying away from “the scene” and the people in it. I credit you both with giving me the motivation and strength to get better. U-Turn has changed my life and the life of my family.” — Jen
“U-Turn is a very friendly place where no one passes judgment on others. I finally feel I’m not alone and that I belong.” — Cindy  
“U-Turn has given me hope, strength, and faith to get through the difficult times, blessing us with fellowship to always remember we are not alone.” — Jane
“The words thank-you will never be enough for everything they did for my family. I think if it wasn’t for Jeff, my son might not have made it to treatment. The aftercare they have given me since my son has been in treatment has been amazing.” — Parent of recovering addict
“What a warm welcoming place. I love visiting there. I go to renew my spirit by being reminded that the world has loving, non-judgmental people and of the wonderful ability we humans have to heal our wounds.” — Anne